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Deep knowledge of Texas tax law makes the difference

There’s no reason to feel daunted by the prospect of filling out government forms to get your money back. The tax experts at Campground Refund do all that for you.

“A big thank you to Jim Dixon and his team at Campground Refund!  I tried to get the refund myself a while back in order to save the fee.  BAD IDEA!  Campground Refund made the process effortless.  I gave them the contract and a few pieces of information.  Then, frankly, I had forgotten about it when a check arrived in the mail for over $17,000.00.  Plus, they fixed it so that there would be no more extra taxes moving forward.  Campground Refund paid for itself many times over.  If the slogan weren’t already taken it should be, “JUST DO IT”.”

Rudy O.

“We were thrilled to find this company!  Had no idea something like this even existed.  We were able to recoup a significant amount of money, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Jim and his team.  They were professional and easy to work with.  Would highly recommend!”

Penny & Andy D.

“I highly recommend Jim Dixon and his team at Campground Refund. We had no idea something like this was even available, and they made it very easy by doing a majority of the work for us. In return, we not only received a substantial refund on sales tax, but we also received a substantial credit on our electric bill. If you’re in the RV Park business, don’t wait another minute to get in touch with them!”

Cindy K.

“Campground Refund and Jim Dixon are absolute game-changers! Jim and his team are masters in their field, effortlessly guiding us through the process with their unmatched expertise. Working with them was a breeze—they were not only professional but also incredibly friendly and accommodating. 

It was simple…A little paperwork to receive checks worth around $20K?! And that wasn’t all—they sorted out our taxes moving forward, saving us from extra headaches and expenses.  Who knew such benefits were out there for RV park businesses?  I wish all things in the RV Park business had this kind of return on energy.

Campground Refund is worth every penny and then some. Their work speaks volumes, and their results pay for themselves many times over. Thank you, Jim Dixon and the incredible team at Campground Refund, for truly changing the game for us!”

Micheal D.

Talk to real Texas people, not robots or folks in a far-away land.

President Jim Dixon is your point of contact. He answers the phone himself to learn about your unique situation.

CPA Neal Stephens organizes all the documentation that will result in your refund. He works to insure that your CO-OP or other electric provider grants you a permanent tax exemption, so that you never pay unnecessary sales taxes again.

You can call or email us 24/7 every day of the year.

What can you do with the refund? It always was your money – you can do whatever you like with it. Some campground operators take the refund check and re-invest it in their RV Park.

Let Us Help You Get a Refund, Too!

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